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Ingredients :

• 1 large free-range chicken cut into 4 parts (Bresse chicken)
• 50 g butter for cooking the chicken
• 1 kg Comté cheese, cut into small dice or grated
• 75 cl white wine (eg. Côtes du Jura)
• Garlic, 1 to 3 cloves depending on taste
• 1 small bouquet garni
• 1 tablespoon flour
• 25 cl fresh cream
• 200 g cooked mushrooms
• salt
• pepper

Chicken in praise of Comté cheese

Cost ServingServing Preparation (time)Preparation Cooking (time)Cooking
6 30 minutes 60 minutes


• Brown the chicken in the butter.

• After 10 minutes, skim off the fat then add a Comté fondue prepared as follows:
• Cut the Comté cheese into small dices or (much better) grate it and put it into a pan.
• Heat and moisten immediately with 2 to 3 glasses white wine, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the Comté cheese is completely melted.
• Depending on the consistency of the fondue, add a little more wine if you think it is too thick.
• Stir with a wooden spoon until the fondue looks creamy and homogeneous.
• Season with freshly ground pepper.
• When the chicken is cooked (about 45 minutes), keep it warm after having recuperated the cooking liquid in a recipient.

• Wait a few minutes, then skim off a spoonful of Comté butter that has risen to the surface.
• Using this butter, make a white roux with a tablespoon of flour and moisten with the rest of the cooking liquid.
• Add the cream and the mushrooms.
• Adjust the seasoning.

• Coat the chicken with this sauce and serve.

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